10K on Instagram: What I’ve Learned So Far


Dress: Old- Anthropologie,  Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar Earrings: Here, (less expensive options here and here),  Shoes: Here 

Y’all I am so excited to announce I hit 10k on Instagram! I hit it on my 5th month blogging anniversary (June 14th), so that makes it even more special. I just cannot believe it.  It feels like I have been an Insta blogger forever.

First off, I want to say thank you so much for the support. I would be nowhere with out all of my readers/followers. I never thought I would ever start a blog or would share my outfits on Instagram, so I am proud of myself for biting the bullet and starting this hobby. It is something I have always wanted to do, but I was afraid to put myself out there. Blogging has been a wonderful experience and a complete whirlwind. I am also so thankful I started this because it has given me great purpose while my hubby has had his busiest year of medical school.

Just a little reflection on my time as a blogger, I have achieved two goals I never thought possible: I was accepted into Reward Style and I hit 10,000 followers on Instagram recently. This is going to be a long post, so I apologize in advance.

Lately I have been getting a lot of messages about advice, especially about growing on Instagram. I am so flattered, but I don’t see myself as a expert at all! I have decided with my new milestone of 10k Instagram followers, it is finally time to stop procrastinating and share some tips.


I probably get the most questions about how to grow on Instagram. I want to note I have done it 100% organically. For the first few months my growth was pretty slow, but after I hit a certain point, my account has grown fast. With this being said, don’t get discouraged if your growth has been slow.

  1. Engage, engage, engage: I cannot say this enough. With the new Instagram algorithm, engaging with your followers is soooooo important. This helps your post to show up and to gain/maintain followers. (By engaging I mean liking and commenting on posts.)
  2. Consistency: To grow on Instagram, you really need to post at least once daily and 2 times max daily. This helps new followers find you and helps maintain your current ones. I started to do one post daily and have found this is easier for me to manage.
  3. Hashtags: It is important to use hashtags to make your posts more visible, but you cannot use too many. It’s all about balance. If you’ve heard about the shadow banning, Instagram is cracking down on “misusing” hashtags. I try to use between 5-15 now. I also switched to a personal Instagram account, since I have heard they’re cracking down more on business accounts. I try to not reuse the same hashtags on my posts for this reason. I also made an account that does not follow me, so I can monitor this.
  4. Similar accounts: Follow and engage with similar accounts. If you think about networking for a business, it makes sense why this helps. I have found some quality followers on Style Collective’s page.  I would normally say join like/comment pods, but with all of the rumors flying around I don’t know what to say about them.
  5. Tag brands: I tag the brands that I am wearing in each post. I really attribute this to a lot of my success, as Target followed me and posted one of my pictures on their awesomeshop page.
  6. You get what you give: I treat this blog/Instagram as a job. At first I treated it as a part-time job, but lately as I have grown I have really treated it as a second full-time job.


A lot of this advice is important for Instagram too:

  1. Join Style Collective: This is a network of bloggers. They share helpful tips and articles. Here is my referral link to join.
  2. Organization is key: At first I was able to do things on a whim, but now that I’m over 5 months deep, I’ve found that that doesn’t really work.
  3. Follow similar blogs and interact with them. If you make the effort to support them, they will usually support you back.
  4. Install Google analytics to see where your most common referrals are coming from and focus on that. I have noticed with blogging my most common is Facebook, so I have been occasionally doing targeted ads to help promote my posts.


Lately I have had a lot of questions about how to get collaborations. For collabs, I used to wait until a brand reached out to me, but lately I have reached out to more. I would say most of my collaborations are brands that have reached out to me, but I am starting to screenshot brands I would love to work with. Also, if you’re wanting to do a collaboration for summer clothes, make sure to reach out when it’s still spring. I am just using this as an example, since I have found out the hard way you need to ask early.


As you may have seen in this post, I got accepted to Reward Style’s Like to know it program. I have also had many bloggers ask me for advice and what they’re looking for, and here’s what I think is key:

  1. Tagging products in your blog/Instagram posts: They like to see that you’re showing your followers where your items are from.
  2. Engagement: They like to see that your followers are engaging with you and that you’re engaging with them.
  3. Consistency: They like to see you post at least once daily.
  4. Referral: I am always more than happy to send a referral, it seems to help to have one. Just Dm me or email me 🙂

If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment, email me or send me a direct message on Instagram! I am always willing to help and I strongly believe in bloggers supporting other bloggers. It’s not about competition; there is room for us all to succeed!